devon marie (toxiic_smile) wrote in toxiic_graphics,
devon marie


11 GA for ost_challenge

The Clincher Get Some Vitamin R
(Leading Us Along)
Still Running Breach Birth Panic Prone
Another Know It All Tug-O-War To Return
Emotinal Drought Bend The Bracket

Now I realize this is a day late.... this is only because I didn't get my email until this morning.

[x] Comment
[x] Credit
[x] Do not alter
[x] Do not claim as your own
[x] Do not hotlink

Okay, listen up because I'm starting to get pissed off.
[x] If you are going to flame me because I don't like a character, then you need a life.
[x] If you are going to just have a big rant about how a certain character sucks, or that I suck because I made a bashing icon of your favorite character, go do it somewhere else because getting them in my mailbox is annoying.
[x] If your are going to comment, don't be a dick, say something nice or don't say anthing at all.
[x] If you have something to say that doesn't have much to do with the graphics posted, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Don't know how to credit?

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Resources and credits listed here.

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